BodyLine, Your Body Coach, offers you 100% tailored nutritional support, helping you change your eating habits and achieve all your sports and health goals more effectively. All accompanied by a homemade smoothie.


Good health, physical and mental, requires not only physical training. The key is healthy and varied nutrition, as well as balanced eating habits. Success for weight loss, mass gain, stress reduction, or others requires better nutrition.

At BodyLine, our trainers are not only dedicated to helping you progress, they also help you implement nutritional changes to become the best version of yourself: stronger, more poised, more harmonious.


Due to our hyperactive lifestyle (work, personal problems, social life, etc.), it is often difficult to always pay attention to our eating habits and diet. Nutrition often takes a backseat. We snack, we eat out of hours, we prefer fast food, and in general we adopt bad habits.

Good nutrition is essential because it influences every aspect of your life. To stay healthy, be full of energy, feel good about yourself, eating well is essential. It is also the key element for good training and improving your performance.

With your BodyLine nutritional assistant, you will become aware of these imbalances and obtain all the necessary tools to change your eating habits, improve your daily health and achieve all your goals.


With BodyLine, you are no longer alone when it comes to nutrition. With our 100% personalized assistance, provided by nutrition experts, we accompany you from A to Z to change your eating behaviors, respecting your health.

During your first appointment with your BodyLine nutritional advisor, clarify your needs, your desires and define your goals together. You will then undergo a complete analysis of your sports DNA to understand who you are: physical condition, body composition, lifestyle, sleep quality, eating habits, etc.

After this, your advisor will design a personalized nutritional program based on your lifestyle that will allow you to effectively succeed in your BodyLine workouts. In addition to our personalized program, we will work with you to find a healthy, varied and enjoyable diet, giving you instructions that are easy to put into practice in your daily life.

Finally, your advisor will ensure regular follow-up to see your progress, your dietary changes and the success of the new indications implemented. Your program will be evolutionary, adapting to your progress and needs.

It’s about more than just taking care of your diet, it’s about a real relationship of trust that you will create with your nutritional advisor. Which will always be at your disposal, to help you, advise you, motivate you.

BodyLine nutritional advice consists of:

  • Meet with your advisor and perform a complete evaluation of your sports DNA on our high-end impedance meter
  • 100% personalized and evolutionary program
  • Regular monitoring and monthly review


To guide you through your nutritional transition, your coach will track you and help you eat better, cook better, and establish healthy eating habits. Our personalized nutritional programs are based on your needs, your sports and health goals so that each meal contributes to your success and makes you feel better about your body.

Consumption of proteins and fats, integration of fruits and vegetables, regular hydration, reducing the consumption of quick sugars, reducing the consumption of alcohol and sugary drinks are some of the advice we always give. In addition, we will also help you learn more about foods and their benefits, as well as their myths and negative effects.

Nutrition Plans

Description: Designed for those looking to get started in nutritional tracking, offering a complete initial assessment and follow-up to start you on the path to your health and wellness goals.

Content: Includes 1 assessment appointment (1 hour) to understand your nutritional needs and goals, followed by 1 follow-up appointment (45 min) to adjust and ensure a good start to your nutritional plan.

Price: €99.

Description: Ideal for clients who want more intensive and personalized nutritional monitoring, this pack offers detailed assessments and regular follow-ups to ensure consistent progress towards your goals.

Content: Includes 1 initial evaluation appointment (1 hour) and 4 follow-up appointments (45 minutes each) to monitor and adjust your nutritional plan effectively. Perfect for those looking to improve their health and eating habits in a sustained manner.

Price: €149.

Description: Designed for those committed to long-term goals, such as significant weight loss, gaining muscle mass, or managing specific health conditions through nutrition.

Content: Includes 1 initial evaluation appointment (1 hour) and 6 bimonthly follow-up appointments (45 minutes each), offering continuous nutritional support and adaptations to the plan as necessary, as well as WhatsApp support for quick questions.

Price: €189.

At BodyLine, your success is our success! Come and meet your nutrition coach now and improve your health and well-being today.