A physical conditioning program is a journey filled with obstacles, but we make it easy for you. Taking an InBody test will allow you to get to know yourself better and define clear goals with you to better understand the mechanisms of muscle gain or weight loss. Analyze your body composition by calculating body fat and muscle mass, with the help of your trainer.

"What is body composition?

Body composition refers to the different elements that make up the body, such as muscles, minerals, water or fat.

A body composition analysis allows a qualitative and relevant evaluation of the body. You will have answers to the following questions that may arise:

Do I have enough muscle mass to support my current weight?

Do I have a fluid retention problem?

What is my body fat percentage?

A test of just 15 seconds will measure your body fat percentage, your lean mass percentage and your water levels.

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At BodyLine, your success is our success! Come discover your Health Center now and analyze your body composition today.