The Body Line Experience


For us, the most important thing is health, both physical, mental and nutritional health. And compared to all the gyms that promise a perfect body in a very short time, without support, or follow-up, without being there for you, we decided to offer you a different approach.

Our focus is you. At BodyLine, you are our priority.

Our mission is to impact your life and offer you a complete 360° view of your body, your goals, your pleasure, and your physical and mental well-being. This involves going through physical training, of course, but training that has real meaning, that will bring visible, lasting and measurable changes in your life.

Join our BodyLine experience and revitalize both your head and your body.


Before we start training, let’s get to know you. During your first session, we perform physical testing and a full body assessment on our impedance meter scale. Where we will evaluate your physical condition, muscle mass, fat mass, fitness and health, lifestyle, eating habits, sleep rhythm, etc., we evaluate you from head to toe.

This assessment provides us with your sports DNA, essential to build with you a personalized training program, adapted to your profile, your needs and your objectives. We will be able to ensure your good progress, guiding and advising you at all times, in particular thanks to digital support.And since training without follow-up makes no sense, we carry out a review with you every month, measuring your results and adapting your program.


To ensure that your training is always successful, we have made the sport fun and effective. Combining self-help training, individualized support and group classes. Your BodyLine program is designed to ensure you have effective, motivated sessions that show measurable results every time.

In autonomy,

You have unlimited access to our different spaces and can freely use all our cardio and fitness machines and our bodybuilding equipment to train whenever you want. Our trainers will be there to show you the correct movements, correct your posture and help you get the most out of each session.

During your group lessons,

You will be immersed in a dynamic and musical environment, ideal for letting off steam and feeling good. In addition, you will be surrounded by a true family, both by the coaches who will motivate you and push you to improve, and by the other members who will support you.

During your individual support sessions,

You will be supervised from A to Z by a coach who will follow you, motivate you, support you and help you push your limits to achieve your goals. With BodyLine, this monitoring also continues outside the room, thanks to our mobile application that allows you to find your results and track your progress.

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Do you want to change your daily life and regain pleasure for your body and mind? Contact us and try the BodyLine experience!