Art 1: Any person who has subscribed to the Bodyline club declares that they know these rules and agrees to follow them.

Art 2: The member who has subscribed to a subscription cannot under any circumstances request a refund, even partial, of the amount of his/her contribution.

Art 3: Regarding subscriptions paid by direct debit to bank debit and/or debit or credit card:

– Direct debits must be paid in the same month.

– Unpaid fees will be represented the following month, until the contribution is fully paid.

Bank charges for non-payment of direct debit will be borne by the member (€10 per non-payment).

Art 4: The club declines all responsibility in the event of theft in its facilities or in the parking lot.


Art 5: Members are requested to personally verify the nature of the social protection they enjoy and to guarantee themselves against any damage they may cause during the duration of their subscription to the club by taking out civil liability insurance.

Art 6: The activity of minors in the club is carried out under the full responsibility of the parents and is allowed from the age of 13.

Art 7: Members must respect furniture, equipment and collective facilities.

Art 8: In case of degradation, the member or his or her manager will assume the costs of restoration or replacement of the equipment.


Art 9: The club reception is open all year round. However, the right is reserved to adjust schedules.

Art 10: The opening hours of the club and the schedule of group classes are available at the reception or in the my wellness mobile application

Art 11: The club reserves the right to modify the opening hours and the schedule of group classes at any time and to inform members of the changes.

Art 12: The towel for the use of weight machines and mats is mandatory. The towel must be placed on the seat and/or back of the weight machines and/or on the mats and must be placed in the laundry bin after use as it is the property of Bodyline. Clean shoes are required.

Art 13: After use, the equipment must be left clean. For this purpose, a paper unwinder and a steamer are available to members.


Art 14: Verbal and/or physical violence is not tolerated in the club.

Inappropriate gestures, harassment and/or sexual relations are prohibited in the club.

Devices are left accessible if not in use. Both the equipment and/or material are stored after each use.

Art 15: Scan your valid membership bracelet every time you enter the club.

Art 16: We follow the instructions of the Bodyline staff. In order to preserve a sporty and benevolent environment. Staff have the right to deny access to the clubs to people who do not respect the internal regulations.

Art 17: Do not hesitate to ask for advice or help before using a device and doing the exercises. Respect your limits and well-being.

Art 18: A product is used only for the use for which it is intended.

Art 19: Store personal belongings (clothes, bags, helmets, etc.) in lockers, and avoid bringing valuables. The lockers are emptied every day. Make sure you don’t forget anything when you leave.

Art 20: BodyLine’s prior written consent in case of sales, promotion and personal coaching activities is essential.