At BodyLine – Your Body Coach, we understand that each journey towards wellness is unique. That’s why our personal training services go far beyond simple fitness sessions. We offer a personalized experience, designed to accompany you in achieving your health and wellness goals, whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle mass, or simply improving your general physical condition.

Personalized Coaching for Visible Results

Our team of certified personal trainers is passionate about fitness and dedicated to your success. Through a personalized approach, we assess your specific needs, goals, and even your training preferences to create a tailor-made program that is completely dedicated to you. Our mission is to motivate, guide, and support you every step of the way.

A Premium Experience in an Exceptional Setting

BodyLine is not just a place to train; it’s a destination where each session is an experience in itself. Located between Playa Las Americas and Los Cristianos, our space is designed to offer you the best of personal training in a premium and welcoming environment. Enjoy our cutting-edge facilities, advanced technologies, and innovative training methods for maximum efficiency and total well-being.

More Than a Workout, a Transformation

Our philosophy is simple: to unleash your physical and mental potential to help you become the best version of yourself. Personal training at BodyLine is an invitation to explore and push your limits, in a supportive and stimulating environment. We are here to help you transform your body, but also your mind, by adopting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Soluciones holísticas para un bienestar integral

Because fitness is inseparable from nutrition and mental well-being, our personal trainers work closely with nutrition experts to offer you personalized dietary advice and long-lasting motivation strategies. Together, we aim for excellence, providing you with comprehensive support to achieve your goals.

Join Us for a Unique Fitness and Health Experience

At BodyLine, each member is considered an essential part of our community. We invite you to discover our unique approach to personal training, where each session is designed to inspire, challenge, and allow you to progress. If you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey towards wellness, contact us today to schedule your first session. Together, let’s make your goals a reality.

Pack of sessions from your personal trainer to Tenerife

Price: 30€

Content: 1 personal training session of 1 hour.

Objective: Offers an introduction to personal training, ideal for those looking to discover the benefits of customized coaching.

Price: 115€

Content: 4 personal training sessions of 1 hour.

Objective: Designed to encourage regular commitment and the development of healthy training routines, this package is perfect for starting a fitness journey.

Price: 220€

Content: 8 personal training sessions of 1 hour.

Objective: Ideal for those seeking significant improvements and wishing to focus on specific fitness goals.

Price: 300€

Content: 12 personal training sessions of 1 hour.

Objective: Offers an opportunity for deep transformation, focused on achieving visible and lasting results.

Price: €400

Content: 16 1-hour personal training sessions.

Goal: The ultimate package for those who fully commit to their fitness journey, seeking excellence and optimal performance.

Don’t wait any longer, come discover personal training in Tenerife South at our BodyLine club and let your coach motivate you, guide you and support you every step of your way!