Bodyline, Your Body Coach, offers you the best weight training and cardio area in Tenerife with full free access all week. Come train with the best machines and equipment to achieve all your goals!


For all your muscle building or fitness needs, our high-end bodybuilding platform in Tenerife is exactly what you need!

Entrenamiento de fuerza en Tenerife

Due to our sedentary lifestyle, bodybuilding has become an essential activity to stay toned and fit. It is the physical activity par excellence to maintain good physical condition, which allows you to stay active and energetic, stimulating all the muscles of the body.

Bodybuilding will also allow you to improve your functional strength, restore your energy, reduce your stress and regain the well-being essential to face the challenges of everyday life.

At BodyLine, you have free access to a wide variety of equipment and weight machines to train and quickly progress towards your goals. We put at your disposal a wide range of weights, so you can work the upper part of your body (biceps, triceps, shoulders, pectorals, etc.). Our machines are instinctive and easy to use so you can work all your muscles. If you don’t know how it works, don’t hesitate to consult any of our personal trainers.

Ejercicios de fuerza y ​​musculación en Tenerife


Test your heart and lungs in our cardio area and discover all our modern and technological fitness machines to stay fit and healthy. Our cardiovascular training area is ideal to complete your bodybuilding exercises and feel good after a long day.

Cardio, or cardiovascular training, is a fitness discipline that aims to stimulate heart rate and improve performance through intense physical exercise. These types of exercises put your cardiovascular system under stress, strengthening and protecting your heart, stimulating your blood flow and improving your endurance.

Cardiovascular training also allows you to strengthen your entire body and helps you achieve or maintain a sculpted and harmonious figure. Working with intensity, burn fat, refine your legs, perfect your waist, tone your belly, etc. Likewise, you will quickly improve your coordination and speed, in addition to improving your mood, putting your energy to the test.

In our gym you have access to a wide variety of machines to perform all types of exercise: rowing machines, step machines, bicycle machines, treadmills, etc. These are connected to an application that allows you to measure your training and evaluate its improvement or pick up where you left off. In addition, with its HD screens, you can watch your favorite Netflix series or listen to music on platforms such as YouTube or Spotify, among others.

Whether in our weight training area or cardio-training area, you will never be alone! Our trainers will be present to guide you, teach you how to use the machines and equipment, correct your posture and motivate you to always improve yourself.

Don’t wait any longer, come and discover our bodybuilding and cardio-training space in Tenerife, in our BodyLine studio!