Do you know electrostimulation? Have you heard about it and want to try it or are you looking for a new way to train? Come try EMS in Tenerife in our BodyLine club and discover a training with unmatched effectiveness!Get 4 hours of traditional sports in just 20 minutes by booking your electrostimulation test session in Tenerife South now!
Do you want to try the experience?


Electrostimulation, also called EMS (Electro-Myo-Stimulation) is a new and innovative training technology that allows you to stimulate and contract more than 350 muscles of your body simultaneously, guaranteeing the equivalent of 4 hours of sport in just 20 minutes!
How? Thanks to electrical impulses sent by a device connected to electrodes placed in a special suit. Replicating the natural process of muscle contraction carried out by the brain, electrostimulation offers a simplified and amplified way to stimulate your muscle fibers. You will work your 8 muscle groups faster and more efficiently.
Electrostimulation is a technology that has existed since the 1970s and is used by the greatest French and foreign athletes (Usain Bolt, Jean-Baptiste Grange, and Christine Arron), offering you training with unparalleled efficiency. It is the ideal tool for you to achieve your health, sports, and fitness goals faster!


Reproducing a natural process, electrostimulation in Tenerife allows you to meet all your sports and health goals: muscle strengthening, weight loss, fitness, recovery after an injury, postpartum rehabilitation, physical preparation, etc.Unlike traditional training where you can only contract a certain number of muscles at the same time, thanks to electrostimulation, 100% of your muscle fibers are contracted simultaneously. Even the deepest muscles are used for a precise and complete workout of your body, in record time.Electrostimulation in Tenerife is, therefore, the perfect training for active people who don’t have time to go to the gym or who don’t want to spend hours on a bench or machine. In just 20 intense minutes, you reach your goals quickly, efficiently, and sustainably.EMS is also the ideal complementary training for athletes or people looking to go further in their program, to further increase their performance, or to relax their muscles after a session.Finally, EMS is a safe and accessible practice for all ages, all levels, and all physical conditions. During your sessions, electrical impulses are distributed at low frequency, and as weights are not used, the risk of injury is avoided.And at BodyLine, you have the guarantee of being followed by one of our trainers specialized in EMS in Tenerife, who will accompany you and modulate your session according to your program and your wishes.


Electrostimulation will satisfy your needs and your goals.



Above all, electrostimulation in Tenerife is a great time saver in your day. His session lasts only 20 minutes per session, thus obtaining more time to dedicate to himself, his friends, and his family.And to quickly obtain all the benefits and achieve your goals faster, he performs 2 recommended electrostimulation sessions per week. From the 4th session onwards, the first results appear!

Pack of electrostimulation sessions

4 electrostimulation sessions. This pack offers an introduction to electrostimulation technology, with guided sessions to help you start your fitness journey. Each session is designed to familiarize you with the techniques and benefits of electrostimulation, optimizing your muscle tone and recovery.

8 electrostimulation sessions. With this pack, you deepen your experience with electrostimulation, benefiting from a follow-up that progressively adapts the intensity and exercises to your needs. Ideal for those looking to intensify their fitness program and see tangible results.

16 electrostimulation sessions. This pack is designed for those fully committed to their physical transformation with electrostimulation. In addition to an increased number of sessions, you benefit from attentive follow-up to adjust your progression. It’s the ideal choice for a long-term commitment, with constant attention to your evolution and the optimization of your sessions

Don’t wait any longer, come discover electrostimulation in Tenerife in our BodyLine club and enjoy an intense, fast, effective and long-lasting workout!